Jesus Of Nazareth

The Passion Play

Experience the #1 Passion Play in America! Jesus of Nazareth Passion Play tells the greatest story ever told as it comes to life on the main stage located at Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana. Tickets are available NOW (219) 922-6500 x580.

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Every spring the mega production, Jesus of Nazareth is brought to thousands and thousands of NWI and Chicagoland locals as well as special guests that travel from all over the nation. Many laugh, some cry, most shout, but all enjoy the thrill that is JON. The experience continues to grow each year with new and exciting features such as pyrotechnics, stunts, exotic animal life, musical elements and more. Needless to say those that see the show leave with an experience and memory they won't soon forget!

JON 2019 will debut March 30th. Across the total of showtimes, digital platforms, and Holy Week services of 2017 we will serve 50,000+ patrons.  This year will be greater than ever giving even more people the opportunity to experience the ultimate story of passion, love, and life.

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In partnering with JON, not only will you be giving your business or organization a platform to connect with a multi-cultural and multi-generational audience of 50k+ people but you will be equipping the production with resources to expand and develop vital aspects of the patron experience and overall quality of theatrical aspects. There are many opportunities and levels at which you can partner with this great effort and every gift makes a significant difference. 

One of our most sought after avenues of partnership is the JON playbill. This 44 page elegant and custom designed piece of literature is crafted by our professional creative team and put into the hands of every ticket holder throughout the production season. This year we project to print and distribute 30,000 units. Pages, and ad spots are available for your company or special message.

The advertising opportunities continue with screen advertisements during our fabulous pre-show (similar to that of a movie theater presentation), and what we call “half-time” – our intermission segment. For more information please email

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Experience the greatest story ever told like never before this Spring!